January has been packed with loads of travel (Australia, Fiji, Miami, Chicago).

I always find that traveling helps me minimize my collection of beauty products, clothing, and pretty much everything in my life because what I choose to travel with either already is, or quickly becomes "the essentials".

This month I'm all about a Clarins skin oil I bought at the Sydney airport, a luxe hair product that seriously changed my mane, and two new bags. One is the perfect day-to-night crossbody bag. The other is a traveler's dream.

Oh, and the latest edition of the Goop magazine got me through two long flights. I left it on the plane when I landed in Chicago, but love it so much that I'm considering buying it again (even though I already read it cover to cover). It's just that good.

Here's to another year of discovering new favorites and enjoying the old ones. 

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