After about four months of finally jumping on the Pilates bandwagon, I decided to try arguably the most popular / coincidently most challenging class in LA.

If you're looking for an easy or as I usually say "stretchy" workout, Carrie's Pilates Plus is not your spot. However, if you're seeking an advanced Pilates / Cross Training method that combines weight training, cardio, and Pilates...well, here you go.

I love that Carrie's offers $15 classes for first time students. From my experience, I find Pilates to be a slightly more expensive workout, but I also find it to be the most effective for quick results. For me personally, I can go twice a week and notice immediate changes in both my muscle tone and overall endurance.

I would highly recommend buying an intro class or accessing Carries on ClassPass, as again this level of training is something you will want to work gradually towards. 

You can book your first class here.

Happy workout!