In my opinion, there are very few things more amazing than fresh, renewed skin. 

I am a stickler for washing my face every single night. No matter how tired, or how many glasses of wine I've had that night, you can bet I will always clean my face before bed.

A few months back the incredibly sweet Kat Rudu reached out and gifted me with some AMAZING products. I have a personal policy that I don't write about things I don't believe, so I have waited to write this post until I actively used and saw results from these products.

After I’d say two months of using her products day and night I can definitely say that I have seen a major difference in my skin. And I am obsessed. Here’s what I’m using:

Coco Honey Papaya Enzymes Cleanser | Liquid Lift Silk Amino Acid Peptides | Cooling Cucumber Eye Bright Gel | Hydra Cell Bright Citrus Moisturizer | Shop the collection here